What the Bible Says About Race

The Bible reveals the Living God. In it we learn about who God is – His character, love and all the wonderful things God desires for us – and how this has been revealed to us in Jesus Christ. And the Bible also reveals what God expects from us. What type of people does God want us to be? What does the Bible say about racism and how we, as followers of Christ, are to treat others who are different from us?

OBJECTIVE OF THIS SHORT BIBLE STUDY: To understand how God sees the human beings He created and know how He expects us to treat others, especially those who are ‘different’ or outside our social circles.

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When you read/study the text

When determining the meaning behind each verse, there are a number of rules for Bible interpretation:

Christ is the rule – All Scripture speaks of Christ, so seeing Him is the key to understanding the passage. Don’t read too much into it – If the plain sense makes common sense, seek no other sense.

Definitions – Carefully uncover the meaning of words as used in their context.

Application – The entire Bible is written for us. It is inspired and profitable, and we’re supposed to read all of it, listen to it, and apply it in our lives. However, not all of the Bible was written directly to us.

Context – A text without context is a pretext. Sometimes we presume the meaning. How does the text fit within the verses preceding and following?

HOW DOES IT APPLY? Write down any thoughts, insights, or questions that you may want to think about and study further.

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