Through the Bible – Day 184

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Elihu continues

You men think you are wise

1Elihu said:

2You men think you are wise,

but just listen to me!

3Think about my words,

as you would taste food.

4Then we can decide the case

and give a just verdict.

5Job claims he is innocent

and God is guilty

of ill-treating him.

6Job also argues that God

considers him a liar

and that he is suffering severely

in spite of his innocence.

7But to tell the truth,

Job is shameless!

8He spends his time with sinners,

9because he has said,

“It doesn't pay to please God.”

If any of you are clever

10If any of you are clever,

you will listen and learn

that God All-Powerful

does what is right.

11God always treats everyone

the way they deserve,

12and he is never unfair.

13From the very beginning,

God has been in control

of all the world.

14If God took back the breath

that he breathed into us,

15we humans would die

and return to the soil.

16So be wise and listen!

17The mighty God is the one

who brings about justice,

and you are condemning him.

18Indeed, God is the one

who condemns unfair rulers.

19And God created us all;

he has no favourites,

whether rich or poor.

20Even powerful rulers die

in the darkness of night

when they least expect it,

just like the rest of us.

God watches everything we do

21God watches everything we do.

22No evil person can hide

in the deepest darkness.

23And so, God doesn't need

to set a time for judgment.

24Without asking for advice,

God removes mighty leaders

and puts others in their place.

25He knows what they are like,

and he wipes them out

in the middle of the night.

26And while others look on,

he punishes them

because they were evil

27and refused to obey him.

28The persons they ill-treated

had prayed for help,

until God answered

their prayers.

29When God does nothing,

can any person or nation

find fault with him?

30But still, he punishes rulers

who abuse their people.

31Job, you should tell God

that you are guilty

and promise to do better.

32Then ask him to point out

what you did wrong,

so you won't do it again.

33Do you make the rules,

or does God?

You have to decide—

I can't do it for you;

now make up your mind.

34Job, anyone with good sense

can easily see

35that you are speaking nonsense

and lack good judgment.

36So I pray for you to suffer

as much as possible

for talking like a sinner.

37You have rebelled against God,

time after time,

and have even insulted us.

Elihu continues

Are you really innocent?

1Elihu said:

2Job, are you really innocent

in the sight of God?

3Don't you honestly believe

it pays to obey him?

4I will give the answers

to you and your friends.

5-6Look up to the heavens

and think!

Do your sins hurt God?

7Is any good you may have done

at all helpful to him?

8The evil or good you do

only affects other humans.

9In times of trouble,

everyone begs the mighty God

to have mercy.

10But after their Creator

helps them through hard times,

they forget about him,

11though he makes us wiser

than animals or birds.

12God won't listen to the prayers

of proud and evil people.

13If God All-Powerful refuses

to answer their empty prayers,

14he will surely deny

your impatient request

to face him in court.

15Job, you were wrong to say

God doesn't punish sin.

16Everything you have said

adds up to nonsense.

Elihu continues

Be patient a while longer

1Elihu said:

2Be patient a while longer;

I have something else to say

in God's defence.

3God always does right—

and this knowledge

comes straight from God.

4You can rest assured

that what I say is true.

5Although God is mighty,

he cares about everyone

and makes fair decisions.

6The wicked are cut down,

and those who are wronged

receive justice.

7God watches over good people

and places them in positions

of power and honour for ever.

8But when people are prisoners

of suffering and pain,

9-10God points out their sin

and their pride,

then he warns them

to turn back to him.

11And if they obey,

they will be successful

and happy from then on.

12But if they foolishly refuse,

they will be rewarded

with a violent death.

Godless people are too angry

13Godless people are too angry

to ask God for help

when he punishes them.

14So they die young

in shameful disgrace.

15Hard times and trouble

are God's way

of getting our attention!

16And at this very moment,

God deeply desires

to lead you from trouble

and to spread your table

with your favourite food.

17Now that the judgment

for your sins

has fallen upon you,

18don't let your anger

and the pain you endured

make you sneer at God.

19Your reputation and riches

cannot protect you

from distress,

20nor can you find safety

in the dark world below.

21Be on guard! Don't turn to evil

as a way of escape.

22God's power is unlimited.

He needs no teachers

23to guide or correct him.

Others have praised God

24Others have praised God

for what he has done,

so join with them.

25From down here on earth,

everyone has looked up and seen

26how great God is—

God is more than we imagine;

no one can count the years

he has lived.

27-28God gathers moisture

into the clouds

and supplies us with rain.

29Who can understand

how God scatters the clouds

and speaks from his home

in the thunderstorm?

30And when God sends lightning,

it can be seen

at the bottom of the sea.

31By producing such rainstorms,

God rules the world

and provides us with food.

32Each flash of lightning

is one of his arrows

striking its target,

33and the thunder tells

of his anger against sin.

Elihu continues

I am frightened

1I am frightened

and tremble all over,

2when I hear the roaring voice

of God in the thunder,

3and when I see his lightning

flash across the sky.

4God's majestic voice

thunders his commands,

5creating miracles too marvellous

for us to understand.

6Snow and heavy rainstorms

7make us stop and think

about God's power,

8and they force animals

to seek shelter.

9The storms of winter strike,

10and the breath of God

freezes streams and rivers.

11Rain clouds filled with lightning

appear at God's command,

12travelling across the sky

13to release their cargo—

sometimes as punishment for sin,

sometimes as kindness.

Consider carefully

14Job, consider carefully

the many wonders of God.

15Can you explain why lightning

flashes at the orders

16of God who knows all things?

Or how he hangs the clouds

in empty space?

17You almost melt in the heat

of fierce desert winds

when the sky is like brass.

18God can spread out the clouds

to get relief from the heat,

but can you?

19Tell us what to say to God!

Our minds are in the dark,

and we don't know how

to argue our case.

20Should I risk my life

by telling God

that I want to speak?

21No one can stare at the sun

after a breeze has blown

the clouds from the sky.

22Yet the glorious splendour

of God All-Powerful

is brighter by far.

23God cannot be seen—

but his power is great,

and he is always fair.

24And so we humans fear God,

because he shows no respect

for those who are proud

and think they know so much.

Job 34:1-37:24CEVOpen in Bible reader

Paul and Barnabas in Antioch of Pisidia

13Paul and the others left Paphos and sailed to Perga in Pamphylia. But John left them and went back to Jerusalem. 14The rest of them went on from Perga to Antioch in Pisidia. Then on the Sabbath they went to the Jewish meeting place and sat down.

15After the reading of the Law and the Prophets, the leaders sent someone over to tell Paul and Barnabas, “Friends, if you have anything to say that will help the people, please say it.”

16Paul got up. He motioned with his hand and said:

People of Israel, and everyone else who worships God, listen! 17The God of Israel chose our ancestors, and he let our people prosper while they were living in Egypt. Then with his mighty power he led them out, 18and for about forty years he took care of them in the desert. 19He destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan and gave their land to our people. 20All this happened in about 450 years.

Then God gave our people judges until the time of the prophet Samuel, 21but the people demanded a king. So for forty years God gave them King Saul, the son of Kish from the tribe of Benjamin. 22Later, God removed Saul and let David rule in his place. God said about him, “David the son of Jesse is the kind of person who pleases me most! He does everything I want him to do.”

23God promised that someone from David's family would come to save the people of Israel, and that one is Jesus. 24But before Jesus came, John was telling everyone in Israel to turn back to God and be baptized. 25Then, when John's work was almost done, he said, “Who do you people think I am? Do you think I am the Promised One? He will come later, and I am not good enough to untie his sandals.”

26Now listen, you descendants of Abraham! Pay attention, all you Gentiles who are here to worship God! Listen to this message about how to be saved, because it is for everyone. 27The people of Jerusalem and their leaders didn't realize who Jesus was. And they didn't understand the words of the prophets that they read each Sabbath. So they condemned Jesus just as the prophets had said.

28-29They did exactly what the Scriptures said they would. Even though they couldn't find any reason to put Jesus to death, they still asked Pilate to have him killed.

After Jesus had been put to death, he was taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb. 30But God raised him from death! 31Then for many days Jesus appeared to his followers who had gone with him from Galilee to Jerusalem. Now they are telling our people about him.

32God made a promise to our ancestors. And we are here to tell you the good news 33that he has kept this promise to us. It is just as the second Psalm says about Jesus,

“You are my son because today

I have become your Father.”

34God raised Jesus from death and will never let his body decay. It is just as God said,

“I will make to you

the same holy promise

that I made to David.”

35And in another psalm it says, “God will never let the body of his Holy One decay.”

36When David was alive, he obeyed God. Then after he died, he was buried in the family grave, and his body decayed. 37But God raised Jesus from death, and his body did not decay.

38My friends, the message is that Jesus can forgive your sins! The Law of Moses could not set you free from all your sins. 39But everyone who has faith in Jesus is set free. 40Make sure that what the prophets have said doesn't happen to you. They said,

41“Look, you people

who make fun of God!

Be amazed

and disappear.

I will do something today

that you won't believe,

even if someone

tells you about it!”

Acts 13:13-41CEVOpen in Bible reader
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