Through the Bible – Day 180

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Job complains to God

My hopes have died

1My hopes have died,

my time is up,

and the grave is ready.

2All I can see are angry crowds,

making fun of me.

3If you, LORD, don't help,

who will pay the price

for my release?

4My friends won't really listen,

all because of you,

and so you must be the one

to prove them wrong.

5They have condemned me,

just to benefit themselves;

now blind their children.

6You, God, are the reason

I am insulted and spat on.

7I am almost blind with grief;

my body is a mere shadow.

8People who are truly good

would feel so alarmed,

that they would become angry

with my worthless friends.

9They would do the right thing

and because they did,

they would grow stronger.

10But none of my friends

show any sense.

11My life is drawing to an end;

hope has disappeared.

12But all my friends can do

is offer empty hopes.

13I could tell the world below

to prepare me a bed.

14Then I could greet the grave

as my father

and say to the worms,

“Hello, mother and sisters!”

15But what kind of hope is that?

16Will it keep me company

in the world of the dead?

Bildad's second speech

How long will you talk?

1Bildad from Shuah said:

2How long will you talk?

Be sensible! Let us speak.

3Or do you think that we

are dumb animals?

4You cut yourself in anger.

Will that shake the earth

or even move the rocks?

5-6The lamps of sinful people

soon are snuffed out,

leaving their tents dark.

7Their powerful legs become weak,

and they stumble on schemes

of their own doing.

8-10Before they know it,

they are trapped in a net,

hidden along the path.

11Terror strikes and pursues

from every side.

12Starving, they run,

only to meet disaster,

13then afterwards to be eaten alive

by death itself.

14Those sinners are dragged

from the safety of their tents

to die a gruesome death.

15Then their tents and possessions

are burnt to ashes,

16and they are left like trees,

dried up from the roots.

17They are gone and forgotten,

18thrown far from the light

into a world of darkness,

19without any children

to carry on their name.

20Everyone, from east to west,

is overwhelmed with horror.

21Such is the fate of sinners

and their families

who don't know God.

Job's reply to Bildad

How long will you torture me?

1Job said:

2How long will you torture me

with your words?

3Isn't ten times enough

for you to accuse me?

Aren't you ashamed?

4Even if I have sinned,

you haven't been harmed.

5You boast of your goodness,

claiming I am suffering

because I am guilty.

6But God is the one at fault

for finding fault with me.

7Though I pray to be rescued

from this torment,

no whisper of justice

answers me.

8God has me trapped

with a wall of darkness

9and stripped of respect.

10God rips me apart,

uproots my hopes,

11and attacks with fierce anger,

as though I were his enemy.

12His entire army advances,

then surrounds my tent.

I am forgotten

13-14God has turned relatives

and friends against me,

and I am forgotten.

15My guests and my servants

consider me a stranger,

16and when I call my servants,

they pay no attention.

17My breath disgusts my wife;

everyone in my family

turns away.

18Young children can't stand me,

and when I come near,

they make fun.

19My best friends and loved ones

have turned from me.

20I am skin and bones—

just barely alive.

21My friends, I beg you for pity!

God has made me his target.

22Hasn't he already done enough?

Why do you join the attack?

23I wish that my words

could be written down

24or chiselled into rock.

25I know that my Saviour lives,

and at the end

he will stand on this earth.

26My flesh may be destroyed,

yet from this body

I will see God.

27Yes, I will see him for myself,

and I long for that moment.

28My friends, you think up ways

to blame and torment me, saying

I brought it on myself.

29But watch out for the judgment,

when God will punish you!

Zophar's second speech

Your words are disturbing

1Zophar from Naamah said:

2Your words are disturbing;

now I must speak.

3You have accused

and insulted me,

and reason requires a reply.

4Since the time of creation,

everyone has known

5that sinful people are happy

for only a while.

6Though their pride and power

may reach to the sky,

7they will disappear like dust,

and those who knew them

will wonder what happened.

8They will be forgotten

like a dream

9and vanish from the sight

of family and friends.

10Their children will have to repay

what the parents took

from the poor.

11Indeed, the wicked will die

and go to their graves

in the prime of life.

Sinners love the taste of sin

12Sinners love the taste of sin;

they relish every bite

13and swallow it slowly.

14But their food will turn sour

and poison their stomachs.

15Then God will make them lose

the wealth they gobbled up.

16They will die from the fangs

of poisonous snakes

17and never enjoy rivers flowing

with milk and honey.

18Their hard work will result

in nothing gained,

19because they cheated the poor

and took their homes.

20Greedy people want everything

and are never satisfied.

21But when nothing remains

for them to grab,

they will be nothing.

22Once they have everything,

distress and despair

will strike them down,

23and God will make them swallow

his blazing anger.

24While running from iron spears,

they will be killed

by arrows of bronze,

25whose shining tips go straight

through their bodies.

They will be trapped by terror,

26and what they treasure most

will be lost in the dark.

God will send flames

to destroy them in their tents

with all their property.

27The heavens and the earth

will testify against them,

28and all their possessions

will be dragged off

when God becomes angry.

29This is what God has decided

for those who are evil.

Job's reply to Zophar

If you want to offer comfort

1Job said:

2If you want to offer comfort,

then listen to me.

3And when I have finished,

you can start your insults

all over again.

4My complaint is against God;

that's why I am impatient.

5Just looking at me is enough

to make you sick,

6and the very thought of myself

fills me with disgust.

7Why do evil people live so long

and gain such power?

8Why are they allowed to see

their children grow up?

9They have no worries at home,

and God never punishes them.

10Their cattle have lots of calves

without ever losing one;

11their children play and dance

safely by themselves.

12These people sing and celebrate

to the sound of tambourines,

small harps, and flutes,

13and they are successful,

without a worry,

until the day they die.

Leave us alone!

14Those who are evil say

to God All-Powerful,

“Leave us alone! Don't bother us

with your teachings.

15What do we gain from praying

and worshipping you?

16We succeeded all on our own.”

And so, I keep away from them

and their evil schemes.

17How often does God become angry

and send disaster and darkness

to punish sinners?

18How often does he strike them

like a storm

that scatters straw?

19You say, “God will punish

those sinners' children

in place of those sinners.”

But I say, “Let him punish

those sinners themselves

until they really feel it.

20Let God All-Powerful force them

to drink their own destruction

from the cup of his anger.

21Because after they are dead,

they won't care what happens

to their children.”

Who can tell God what to do?

22Who can tell God what to do?

He judges powerful rulers.

23-24Some of us die prosperous,

enjoying good health,

25while others die in poverty,

having known only pain.

26But we all end up dead,

beneath a blanket of worms.

27My friends, I know that you

are plotting against me.

28You ask, “Where is the home

of that important person

who does so much evil?”

29Everyone, near and far, agrees

30that those who do wrong

never suffer disaster,

when God becomes angry.

31No one points out their sin

or punishes them.

32Then at their funerals,

they are highly praised;

33the earth welcomes them home,

while crowds mourn.

34But empty, meaningless words

are the comfort you offer me.

Job 17:1-21:34CEVOpen in Bible reader

Peter and Cornelius

1In Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, who was the captain of a group of soldiers called “The Italian Unit”. 2Cornelius was a very religious man. He worshipped God, and so did everyone else who lived in his house. He had given a lot of money to the poor and was always praying to God.

3One afternoon at about three o'clock, Cornelius had a vision. He saw an angel from God coming to him and calling him by name. 4Cornelius was surprised and stared at the angel. Then he asked, “What is this all about?”

The angel answered, “God has heard your prayers and knows about your gifts to the poor. 5Now send some men to Joppa for a man named Simon Peter. 6He is staying with Simon the leather maker, who lives in a house near the sea.” 7After saying this, the angel left.

Cornelius called in two of his servants and one of his soldiers who worshipped God. 8He explained everything to them and sent them off to Joppa.

9The next day about midday these men were coming near Joppa. Peter went up on the roof of the house to pray 10and became very hungry. While the food was being prepared, he fell sound asleep and had a vision. 11He saw heaven open, and something came down like a huge sheet held up by its four corners. 12In it were all kinds of animals, snakes, and birds. 13A voice said to him, “Peter, get up! Kill these and eat them.”

14But Peter said, “Lord, I can't do that! I've never eaten anything that is unclean and not fit to eat.”

15The voice spoke to him again, “When God says that something can be used for food, don't say it isn't fit to eat.”

16This happened three times before the sheet was suddenly taken back to heaven.

17Peter was still wondering what all this meant, when the men sent by Cornelius came and stood at the gate. They had found their way to Simon's house 18and were asking if Simon Peter was staying there.

19While Peter was still thinking about the vision, the Holy Spirit said to him, “Three men are here looking for you. 20Hurry down and go with them. Don't worry, I sent them.”

21Peter went down and said to the men, “I am the one you are looking for. Why have you come?”

22They answered, “Captain Cornelius sent us. He is a good man who worships God and is liked by the Jewish people. One of God's holy angels told Cornelius to send for you, so he could hear what you have to say.” 23Peter invited them to spend the night.

The next morning, Peter and some of the Lord's followers in Joppa left with the men who had come from Cornelius. 24The next day they arrived in Caesarea where Cornelius was waiting for them. He had also invited his relatives and close friends.

25When Peter arrived, Cornelius greeted him. Then he knelt at Peter's feet and started worshipping him. 26But Peter took hold of him and said, “Stand up! I am nothing more than a human.”

27As Peter entered the house, he was still talking with Cornelius. Many people were there, 28and Peter said to them, “You know that we Jews are not allowed to have anything to do with other people. But God has shown me that he doesn't think anyone is unclean or unfit. 29I agreed to come here, but I want to know why you sent for me.”

30Cornelius answered:

Four days ago at about three o'clock in the afternoon I was praying at home. Suddenly a man in bright clothes stood in front of me. 31He said, “Cornelius, God has heard your prayers, and he knows about your gifts to the poor. 32Now send to Joppa for Simon Peter. He is staying in the home of Simon the leather maker, who lives near the sea.”

33I sent for you straight away, and you have been good enough to come. All of us are here in the presence of the Lord God, so that we can hear what he has to say.

34Peter then said:

Now I am certain that God treats all people alike. 35God is pleased with everyone who worships him and does right, no matter what nation they come from. 36This is the same message that God gave to the people of Israel, when he sent Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, to offer peace to them.

37You know what happened everywhere in Judea. It all began in Galilee after John had told everyone to be baptized. 38God gave the Holy Spirit and power to Jesus from Nazareth. He was with Jesus, as he went around doing good and healing everyone who was under the power of the devil. 39We all saw what Jesus did both in Israel and in the city of Jerusalem.

Jesus was put to death on a cross. 40But three days later, God raised him to life and let him be seen. 41Not everyone saw him. He was seen only by us, who ate and drank with him after he was raised from death. We were the ones God chose to tell others about him.

42God told us to announce clearly to the people that Jesus is the one he has chosen to judge the living and the dead. 43Every one of the prophets has said that all who have faith in Jesus will have their sins forgiven in his name.

44While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit took control of everyone who was listening. 45Some Jewish followers of the Lord had come with Peter, and they were surprised that the Holy Spirit had been given to Gentiles. 46Now they were hearing Gentiles speaking unknown languages and praising God.

Peter said, 47“These Gentiles have been given the Holy Spirit, just as we have! I am certain that no one would dare stop us from baptizing them.” 48Peter ordered them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and they asked him to stay on for a few days.

Acts 10:1-48CEVOpen in Bible reader
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